Posing Session: Figure and Bikini

Posing is as much a part of figure and bikini competitions as proper training, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep - but did you know:

  • Posing can dramatically improve muscle awareness
  • Posing helps with muscle definition
  • Posing increases your muscle maturity
  • Posing increases your confidence on and off the stage

It's all about creating the perfect on-stage presentation. Muscularity, symmetry, proportion, and aesthetics are all assessed during the judging process, with points gained for superiority in each category. You simply can't achieve that without learning to pose correctly.

Posing sessions include a detailed explanation of mandatory poses and the creation your personal model walk. Crowning the experience with a mock competition in my private studio.

Training Guidelines / Personalized Programming

If you're going to invest time, money, and trust in a person to guide you in the right direction, then you need to make the right choice. Not just any trainer can help you adequately prepare for a competition.

My 3 phase system is created for your strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities:

  • Phase 1 - “Building & Cardio Prep”
  • Phase 2 - “Maintaining Build & Track Training”
  • Phase 3 - “Tie-In’s, Lean Outs & Conditioning”
  • Bonus Phase - “Stay Conditioned” (post competition)

I am more than just a personal trainer. I'm a consultant. I'm a motivator. I am that pefect mix of butt-kicking enthusiasm layered with knowledge and experience to take you to the competition level you desire most.

Professional Spray Tan

It's crucial to have that flawless, bronzed skin on stage. The right color will make you appear thinner, more even, toned, defined, and is one of the most important, yet often overlooked elements of the competition. Whether you're getting ready for a show or have an event coming up where you'll be showing some skin, the right spray tan will give you that extra glow without the harmful UV rays.

Different skin types need different levels of tanning. I provide skin prep guidelines 7 days before your competition, as well as a good base coat, heavy coat for creating that even look, and finishing touches. I will use either Jan Tana Ultra Dark Tanning or Liquid Sun Rayz competition spray. I also take care of any touch ups the day of your competition - leaving you looking flawless and feeling confident.